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CycleShelter® fits all Trikes & Motorcycles with sidecars as long they are no wider than 86 inch and 10.5 ft long.

It fits including: Honda Trikes, Harley Trikes, Custom Trikes, Harley Sidecars, Classic Sidecars, and others.



CycleShelter - One size fits all


for Trikes & Motorcycles with Sidecars:

$449.00  QTY:

$463.00  QTY:

with Locking Device

Anchor System

Anchor Hardware Included
(Lock Optional)

Locking Device

Closed Cover View

Materials specs and assembly:
The CycleShelter® motorcycle covers are finely crafted of superior quality, water-, mildew-, and UV-resistant, coated rip-stop polyethylene fabric. A collapsible galvanized steel tube frame is used for rigid support of the fabric. It comes in a 18" x 7" x 49" box for easy shipping, and it weighs approximately 60 lbs.

It assembles like a tent, with no tools required.

The base is 10.5 feet long and 86 inches wide with a maximum dome height of 70 inches.

The floor base is made of heavy duty fiber-reinforced, oil-, water-, and mildew resistant polyethylene material. It is 10.5 feet long and 86 inches wide.

The base has a 1.5 inch lip around the edge to prevent water from pooling into the shelter. The sewn-in Velcro around the lip gives the shelter the ability to be sealed closed, but not airtight so as to allow air circulation. Other shelters or barn products that don't have floors allow water and dampness to accumulate within the shelter causing increased moisture and condensation build-up that can lead to excessive corrosion of your bike. The CycleShelter®, with its unique floor design and ventilation ports, helps to eliminate this problem.


Additional Features:
Mesh-covered vents protect against condensation. The anchoring hardware and anchoring system (included) provides additional stability for harsh weather conditions.

Trikes and Sidecars