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One size fits all standard motorcycles, including touring bikes. Two sizes to choose from.
Floor is integral part of the shelter. When closed, the weight of the bike helps to stabilize the shelter during bad weather. Floor optional.  Purchase for $70/$90 and is not an integral part of the shelter; therefore, the shelter must be anchored to the ground.
Less expensive compared to the touring models. 40 percent more expensive with floor. 20 percent more expensive without the floor (retail).
Floor is attached and is an important part to reduce condensation from the ground. Floor has a 1.5 inch lip around the edge to prevent water from pooling into the shelter. Sewn-in Velcro around the lip gives the CycleShelter the ability to be sealed closed to stop rodents from entering the shelter. Standard product comes without floor. Increased condensation from ground moisture leads to excessive corrosion of the bike. Optional floors are ventilated and allow moisture to condensate inside. No closed sealing mechanism, thus allowing rodents to enter the shelter.
Lays flat on the floor when opened, which makes it unobtrusive and stable against the wind. Stays open/upright and is very visible. Acts as a sail in the wind.
Can be used as a "drive-through" shelter with additional mini-ramp. Not possible because the shelter does not open all the way.
Easy access to bike since it opens all the way. Restricted access to bike because it opens only two-thirds of the way.
Silver color of fabric acts as reflector for the sun's UV rays. Unreflective material surface can lead to increased temperature inside the shelter.
Lowest shipping cost in the United States. Up to 90 percent higher shipping cost.

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